Sunday, February 8, 2009

Discussion about Tony Seton

Let's begin by preparing ourselves as much as we can before every guest speaker session at Foothill. I believe there are many benefits of doing so: we will learn more about the guest speaker in the process and create greater interaction between our club members!

Here's a brief bio of Tony Seton:

Tony Seton has written, produced, directed, and reported in live and tape broadcasts for radio and television, both commercial and public, network and local, winning a number of national awards. He got started in professional communications at age 19, on April Fool's Day 1970, working as a $73-a-week copy-boy on the overnight assignment desk at ABC Network Television News in New York. During the Seventies, he rose through the ranks to become a senior producer at ABC, covering five space shots, six elections, Watergate, Barbara Walters' news interviews, and a decade of breaking news stories across North America and Europe.

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Please feel free to post any comments/questions you intend to ask this coming Wednesday at Room 3403, or issues you would like him to discuss!